We're playing the long game

We know you don't like subscriptions. We don't either. But they don't have to be bad.

Since the last few years, subscriptions are everywhere. Businesses love this model. It gives them a recurring source of income they can count on. But as consumers of these products, we are not really a fan. While a single subscription may seem nothing, when you keep subscribing to different services it adds up over time.

So why do we have the same model?
Because it's sustainable. It gives us, the developers, a constant motive to keep updating the app & adding new features. While apps like Ulysses & Airmail have tried one time payments, they eventually had to move to a subscription model, facing lots of backlash. And while apps like Things do offer a one time payment, it costs a lot & they eventually ask you to pay for major upgrades again & again (Things 1, Things 2, Things 3).

While a one time payment seems like a good deal, it is not. The developer won't support the app for a long time. Or they'll be forced to release major upgrades and ask you to pay for them again.

We built Spaces with lots of passion, and we would love to continuously improve it over time. We're not going anywhere. We're playing the long game.

So what is the solution?
It's simple. Don't take advantage of the user. If you pay annually, Spaces costs $1.07 a month. That's it. A price that makes sense for a subscription. A price that doesn't make you feel like you're being taken advantage of.

A subscription doesn't have to be bad. It can benefit both the user & the developer. So while we cannot convince other developers to not charge outrageous amounts like $40/month for their service. We can do our part. And we're doing it.