Go big or go home.

Go big or go home.that's what she said

Spaces is NOT a one time rollout product. We plan to continuously maintain it, improve it & add new features for years to come. Here's our roadmap.

Deadline? Perfection.

We optimize for time, but don't work in deadlines. A feature should be perfect, not bound by time.

Watch App

An amazing experience on the Apple Watch to quickly add notes and lists.

Lock Notes

Set a lock to specific notes within the app & unlock using FaceID & TouchID.

Link Sheet

Way better user experience for adding links in the editor even without markdown.

Improved Sync

Moving from basic CloudKit to CoreData to improve device sync even further.

Appearance Theming

Specify themes with system’s appearance. A theme for light mode & a theme for dark mode.

Rearrange Todos

Tap and hold to rearrange todo lists easily. Supports drag & drop within an editor.

Share Extension

Save text & webpages by directly sharing them from your browser or any other app.

Code Blocks

Embed code inside the editor easily with support of 25+ programming languages.

iPad Extended

More shortcuts for productivity, better keyboard & magic mouse support.

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