Go big or go home.

Go big or go home.that's what she said

Spaces is NOT a one time rollout product. We plan to continuously maintain it, improve it & add new features for years to come. Here's our roadmap.

Deadline? Perfection.

We optimize for time, but don't work in deadlines. A feature should be perfect, not bound by time.

Multiple Windows

Open notes in multiple windows for faster and better multi-tasking.

Lock Notes

Set a lock to specific notes within the app & unlock using FaceID & TouchID.

Language Support

Adding translations of French, Mandarin, German, Czech & Dutch. Mail us if you want yours

Swipe Gestures

2 finger left and right swipe gestures to easily open and close sidebars on Mac.

Appearance Theming

Specify themes with system’s appearance. A theme for light mode & a theme for dark mode.

Rearrange Todos

Tap and hold to rearrange todo lists easily. Supports drag & drop within an editor.

Share Extension

Save text & webpages by directly sharing them from your browser or any other app.

Advanced Sidebar

Adding advanced customisations to sidebar for more personalisation.

iPad Extended

More shortcuts for productivity, better keyboard & magic mouse support.

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